The Baby to Kid Essentials Conference aims to promote future advancements in the production of toys, infant formula, baby care products, strollers, baby cosmetics & toiletries, baby food, and baby safety & convenience.  With strong potential of rapid growth in the sector, increase demand for clean label, plant-based, and organic products has emerged as a great trend in recent years. The rising consumer shift from chemical ingredients to all-natural and plant-based is predicted to support the organic and clean-labeled infant product growth.

The operating environment for the industry is changing rapidly. Changing social expectations, changing technologies, more sophisticated supply chains, fluctuating economic conditions and increased expectations about climate change and sustainability are key elements in this change. In such times it is critical for leaders and professionals in the sector to have a deep understanding of this new operating environment to be able to properly navigate and understand these changes, and provide the necessary leadership to manage and drive change, to prepare for the future, and to adapt and thrive. Through an engaging and informative program delegates will hear from a blend of thought-provoking speakers and industry practitioners - exploring the key changes that impact the sector.

  - What are the key changes impacting the sector?
  - How does the industry present itself and its products?
  -How can we lead the change, and not just be responsive to it?

Key highlights of the agenda & what to expect

➤  Overview, Initiating Use, Challenges Faced in Baby Care Industry
➤  Digitisation And The Baby Care Products Industry
➤  Significant transactions and emerging themes in merger, acquisition and investm​ent activity in the Sector
➤  Demand and Supply of Baby Products - baby formula supply problem getting worse
➤  Latest Trends in Infant Nutrition: From Organic to Personalisation
➤  Wearable Technology for Baby Monitoring
➤  Spotlight on 'Groundbreaking' Baby Products Lawsuit
➤  Recyclable baby Products  - New material making a sig​nificant difference to total climate footprint 
➤  Cribs and Other Brilliant and Bizarre Inventions for Getting Babies to Sleep
➤  Design of Growth Baby Stroller Based on Computer Aided Innovation Technology
➤ Comprehending the Significance of Quality & Safety in Toys
➤  Developments on Baby Strollers over the Last Decade

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Online Conference, Europe

Discover the Future of Baby Products

Baby to Kid Essentials gathers leaders from the baby product industry to inspire change and promote innovation in the field. The high-level programme addresses the most groundbreaking themes and the latest innovations, and the event is vital to fostering close relationship within the community.


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